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A technical infrastructure tailored to your project

As a client, your project benefits from cutting-edge technologies carefully selected to ensure optimal performance, scalability, and enhanced security. We leverage elements such as container servers, content delivery networks, on-demand image processing, and much more. All of these components come together to create a hosting environment that is perfectly tailored to Craft CMS and fully caters to the requirements of your project.

The benefits of our hosting solution

Our Craft CMS hosting solution goes beyond simply putting your website online. It is a comprehensive and meticulously designed service, crafted to unlock the full potential of your project.


Built on the power of Amazon Web Services (AWS), our hosting solution delivers superior performance, ensuring that your website remains fast and accessible at all times.


To ensure the security and integrity of your data, we perform daily backups of your website. This allows for quick recovery in case of data loss, providing you with peace of mind.


Our solution easily adapts to increased traffic, storage needs, and new functionalities, eliminating any concerns during peak periods or when your organization experiences growth.

Separation of Concerns

By separating the various components of your website, we enhance its overall stability and reliability. This separation enables us to quickly and efficiently isolate and resolve any potential issues without impacting overall performance.

Simplified Maintenance

With our hosting solution, it becomes easier and faster for our team to make modifications to your project. It is an integral part of our workflow, ensuring that ongoing changes will never affect the live version of your website.

Git Deployment

Git deployment enables version control, easy tracking of changes, and seamless collaboration among our developers. This results in faster and more reliable modifications to the source code.

Cutting-Edge Technologies

We provide exclusive access to top-of-the-line hosting technologies. Our robust infrastructure encompasses everything from a global CDN to efficient email servers, containerized setups, and on-demand image processing.

Global CDN

With AWS CloudFront, we ensure that your content is delivered quickly and reliably to your users, regardless of their location. These global content delivery networks (CDNs) store your website data in multiple locations worldwide for fast and efficient access.

Powered by AWS

Our hosting solution leverages Amazon Web Services (AWS) for the technical aspects. With an advanced containerized setup, we efficiently manage various components of your site, such as PHP, caching, and workers, to deliver optimal performance.

Image Optimization

Imgix is our preferred tool for all image transformations, optimizations, and delivery. This powerful service ensures that your images load quickly and display beautifully on all devices, thereby enhancing the user experience and improving site performance.

Email Server

All client emails are reliably managed through SendGrid, a leading email service provider. This ensures high delivery rates, smooth operation, and comprehensive analytics for automated emails in your project.

How it works

Our technical architecture serves as the foundation for our hosting solution, providing a solid framework for a reliable, high-performing, and secure website. This diagram illustrates how we utilize the various technologies described earlier.

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