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Why we use Craft CMS as a content management system

Craft CMS is at the heart of our operations for multiple reasons, all aligned with our primary commitment: to deliver evolutive, high-performance, and compelling digital experiences that drive user engagement. With Craft CMS, we have the ability to customize every aspect of your website to meet your specific needs, making your online presence not only more effective but also more representative of your organization and its unique message.

Who uses Craft CMS?

Craft CMS is trusted by numerous renowned organizations for their web content management. Companies such as Netflix, Adidas, Apple, Ikea, and Volkswagen, to name a few, rely on Craft CMS to manage their online presence. Their confidence in this technology speaks to the performance, capabilities, and reliability of the platform.

Some advantages

Choosing the right CMS for your project can have a significant impact on its execution and future growth. It's not just about managing content but also about providing a modern development framework, advanced features, and a professional editing experience. Craft CMS excels in all these aspects, positioning itself as an exceptional solution.


Craft CMS provides a high degree of customization. We can build your project without being limited by predefined structures and layouts. Craft CMS doesn't impose unnecessary restrictions, fostering creativity and innovation.

User-friendly interface

Craft CMS has an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it easy to manage and update the content on your site. The sections and fields are tailored to your project, providing a reassuring sense of customization.

Built-in multilingual support

For projects that require multiple languages or different configurations based on countries, Craft CMS offers built-in multilingual support, allowing you to manage and display content in multiple languages (or for different regions) with ease.

High performance

Craft CMS is optimized for handling large-scale content management. Your website will load quickly and smoothly, enhancing both the SEO performance of your site and the user experience.

Some key features

Content collections and relationships

Craft CMS excels in structuring and managing content collections. The relationships between different sections make it easy to intuitively associate relevant content across your site. These tools allow us to organize your content in a logical and efficient manner.

Matrix field

The Matrix field is akin to a custom page builder tool. With the Matrix field, we can create a variety of content blocks tailored to your needs. This provides you with a structured flexibility to create specific defined pages while maintaining a consistent look and experience throughout your site.

Craft Commerce

With Craft Commerce, we can integrate a robust e-commerce platform into your CMS. Craft Commerce is highly flexible and customizable, allowing us to develop an online store that meets your specific needs without being limited to a predefined framework like other e-commerce platforms.

Technical Advantages

Craft CMS also stands out with its technical capabilities. Offering a range of modern features and cutting-edge technologies, Craft CMS is the ideal platform for our developers to create, manage, and maintain your website.


Craft CMS is highly regarded for its strong approach to security. With regular updates and rigorous security measures, your site is protected against threats, ensuring the security of your content and data.

Seamless Integrations

One of the major advantages of Craft CMS is its ability to seamlessly integrate with other platforms, APIs, and services. This is a significant benefit when developing custom functionalities for your site, as it allows for smooth integration with external systems and services.


Craft CMS is designed to accommodate your growth. Regardless of the volume of content you need to manage, it scales to meet your needs, making it an ideal solution for a scalable website.


Craft CMS adheres to the latest web standards and encourages the application of best coding practices. This modern development framework optimizes the efficiency (and enjoyment) of our developers.

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